•   Patient Care

  • At Benzer Specialty Pharmacy, we treat customers as our top priority. We are committed to customer care and we believe in one common principle that each patient deserves personal, professional care and low-cost medications. We offer instant accessibility to our pharmacists for our customers. We strive to fulfill their healthcare needs and offer the utmost level of customer service and patient care. Our integrated patient-education programs, ongoing clinical support and side-effect management ensure that every patient receives the extraordinary care that sets us apart from other specialty providers.

  •   Cost Savings

  • At Benzer Specialty Pharmacy patients receive the most effective and affordable medication. We manage unit costs, drive out waste, reduce related medical expenses and ensure there is appropriate utilization.

  •   Plan Design Customized to Meet Your Needs

  • Benzer specialty pharmacy can assist you with different needs as we specialize in the delivery and clinical management of specialty drugs. We focus on patient safety, ensuring that they take these medications correctly. We work closely with your organization to define your overall goals and objectives and develop a strategic plan for your customized specialty-drug management program.

  •   Convenience

  • Benzer Specialty Pharmacy accommodates patient’s special needs. We manage a smooth transition with frequent, targeted and thorough communications to patients, physicians and payers throughout implementation. This ensures that implementation of the specialty programs is effective.

  •   Conditions

  • Benzer Specialty Pharmacy works at all levels of the healthcare system to provide therapy management solutions for patients with chronic and complex conditions. The concise list of such conditions can be found here.

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