Benzer Specialty Pharmacy successfully manages rare and complex conditions through specialization and focus. Our specialty trained clinicians provide care that treats the patient and not just the disease. They spend the vast majority of their time working with patients in certain disease state, allowing them to offer more tailored and individualized counseling and education.

Benzer Specialty Pharmacy collaborates with pharmaceutical and biotech companies to provide high-touch services across many disease states and therapy classes. We customize and integrate our programs and develop proprietary clinical protocols to help patients remain on therapy and achieve the greatest health outcomes possible. Our solutions include the combinations of the following services provided to patients and clients based on their particular needs and therapy:

  •   Seamless experience through operational excellence

    •   Quickly starting patients on therapy
    •   In-depth benefit investigation
    •   Triage services for out-of-network prescriptions
    •   Specialized storage and shipment for temperature-sensitive medications
    •   Refill scheduling for many specialty drugs
    •   Product replacement programs
  •   Best health outcomes through clinical support and outreach

    •   Comprehensive clinical care management
    •   Available clinical patient education with initial shipment
    •   Access to after-hours pharmacists and nurses
    •   Refill reminders
    •   Proactive risk assessments
    •   Custom clinical adherence programs
    •   Regular communication with physicians
  •   Greatest access and affordability through financial and reporting capabilities

    •   Financial assistance education and support
    •   Clinical and financial data reporting
    •   Inventory management

Adherence and Persistency

Counseling before initial shipment

Prior to an initial shipment, a pharmacist will use a series of open-ended questions that have been demonstrated to best help pharmacists assess patients’ baseline knowledge of their specialty medication therapy. The specialty pharmacist notes the responses to each question in Benzer Specialty Pharmacy’s clinical informatics platform. Depending on the correctness of the answers, the specialty pharmacist will confirm, clarify or correct specialty medication information for patients or their caregivers.

Refill reminder calls

Our specialty pharmacy team provides services such as proactive refill management and medication adherence monitoring. In proactive refill management, reminder texts, calls or emails are sent to patients prior to the refill date.

Medication adherence monitoring

In medication adherence monitoring, our specialty pharmacists contact the patients in a timely fashion if inadequate adherence is noticed. We intervene to assess adherence barriers, such as dosing, administration techniques and other possible causes.

Communication with the physician

Our team at the specialty pharmacy makes regular updates to physicians, alerting them on any anomalies plus updating them on adherence issues, and adverse events. Consistent and efficient communication with physician offices means more coordinated care for patients.

Reimbursement support

We do consider any affordability concerns our patients may have. We will discuss their needs and help determine if they are eligible for co-pay assistance offered through a variety of programs. At Benzer Specialty Pharmacy we will help the patient find the appropriate programs and even assist them in enrollment. We also provide assistance with drug manufacturer programs, for those who are uninsured.

Educational materials

Benzer Specialty Pharmacy provides informational materials to patients in order to educate them about their therapies and to avoid risks that may lead non-adherence.

Testing reminders

Benzer Specialty Pharmacy ensures the patient understands the process and importance of testing if this is required before therapy begins.

Pre-launch services

Reimbursement expertise

Benzer Specialty Pharmacy team will assist in checking the patients eligibility for co-pay assistance, insurance issues including Medicaid and Medicare; documentation requirements; and state and federal regulations.

Shipping protocols

Using storage and stability information, our team will provide guidance on the most appropriate way to package and ship your product.

Managed care support

Our managed care team will work to add your product to our existing lineup.

Market support

We develop marketing materials like brochures, easels, fliers to inform doctors, patients, and managed care clients about the new therapy management program we support.

Clinical training

Pharmacists and nurses assigned to your therapy will give clinical training to providers, patients, and caregivers after studying the therapy needed.


We will help you identify the best options for devices and ancillary supplies to be used with your product.