Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare Professionals


These referral forms are made available for informational purposes only. However, if you are a licensed prescriber, you can begin the specialty prescription process today by faxing a completed form directly to us. Click here to fax numbers.


e-Prescriptions are created by the healthcare provider and sent directly to the pharmacy electronically through a private, secure and closed network known as an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system.

e-Prescribing increases the speed, ease, safety and accuracy of submitting a prescription, reducing the number of faxes and paper waste.

e-Prescriptions can be submitted to Benzer Specialty Pharmacy​ for dispensing​ using the NCPDP number​ below​:

  •   301 Havendale Blvd, Auburndale, FL 33823

    • 866-634-9965
    • 866-634-9905
    • NCPDP: 5707736