340B Program

340B Program


Our vision for our 340B division is simple. We strive to partner with every eligible covered entity in the continental United States in order to improve the lives of indigent populations, and the healthcare providers that serve them.

Why healthcare organizations choose Benzer Pharmacy as their 340B network pharmacy:



The federal government’s 340B program is designed to promote access to affordable medications for the most vulnerable or underserved patient populations while helping to stretch federal resources. This program mandates that drug manufacturers must provide outpatient drugs at greatly discounted prices to certain qualifying hospitals and healthcare organizations. Today, more than one third of all hospitals nationwide participate in the 340B program and benefit from these drug discounts. It is estimated that 95% of all marketed drugs have 340B discounts associated with them and the average savings is approximately 25-50% of wholesale pricing. We pride in having a specialized team ready to assist in:

  • Program customization tailored to your entities’ individual needs.
  • Financial savings that are redirected back to patient care.
  • 340B Program insight.
  • An inventory replenishment model.
  • Verifying patient eligibility.
  • Preventing duplicate discounts for Medicaid-eligible prescriptions.
  • Storing all data needed for audits with regard to purchases, patient eligibility, prescription records and billing.



Specialty drugs are an important area for 340B programs, as these therapies tend to be higher in cost and the market for specialty medications is growing rapidly. As a result, Benzer Specialty Pharmacy frequently collaborates with qualified 340B hospitals and healthcare organizations, providing access to more affordable drugs while maintaining our unwavering focus on clinical excellence, patient education and premier service.



Benzer Specialty Pharmacy is highly patient-centric. Utilizing our community retail pharmacies, central fill specialty and shipping capabilities, we can partner with eligible entities to increase access to both retail and specialty 340B medications for their patients. With the intent of becoming a part of the patient care team and a long-term partner, Benzer is flexible and will work with all Wholesalers and all 340B third party processors. The most successful 340B programs include a network of contract pharmacies that extend a covered entity’s pharmacy services throughout the community they serve. We at Benzer are here to bridge that gap.


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