About Benzer Specialty Pharmacy

Who we are

Benzer Specialty Pharmacy serves patients and physicians in 45 states. Headquartered in Florida, the company focuses on patient management programs for people with complex diseases and chronic conditions, including HIV, Hepatitis C, Autoimmune diseases such as Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), Psoriasis and Crohns, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), and Cancer.

Patients needing a specialty pharmacy often are challenged with complex and chronic conditions requiring advanced drug therapies, injectable medications and more complicated treatment regimens. Our patient advocates assist in managing these complex treatment regimens, physicians' visits and insurance concerns. We help to ensure maximum utilization of insurance benefits while minimizing out-of-pocket costs.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide patients, customers and peers with personalized, professional and FREE health advice from our highly trained and courteous staff of pharmacists and health professionals. We strive to maintain the well-being of the local community and its residents as the utmost importance. Our commitment to you is to provide quality and affordable products from a company with exceptional community and family values. Get Better with Benzer!

Vision Statement

Build the relationship between the local pharmacist and their community.

Executive Team

Amishkumar Vanparia

Pharmacist In Charge

Amishkumar Vanparia is the pharmacist in charge at Benzer Pharmacy​. In 2013, he earned a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the school of pharmacy at the Nova Southeastern University and is licensed in 17 states. Amish then started his career with Benzer Pharmacy that same year. He played a major role in PCAB and URAC accreditation for Benzer Pharmacy. Amish believes that his role as a pharmacist is not just to dispense medications, but to dispense knowledge, wisdom, and care to the community he serves.

Amishkumar Vanparia


Brianna Young

Brianna Young

Registered Pharmacy Technician

Brianna Young is a Registered Pharmacy Technician (RPhT) and has been with Benzer Specialty Pharmacy since the year 2015. She has over 6 years of pharmacy experience with 4 of those years specializing in insurance adjudication. Prior to this, Brianna was in charge of pharmaceutical asset recovery with a warehouse/mail order pharmacy. She currently works directly with physicians' offices for benefits investigation for patient insurance coverage and prior authorizations of specialty medications. She also works with qualifying patients to receive financial assistance and to ensure patients are receiving their prescribed medication and are adherent to therapy. As the main team member, Brianna handles complex patients within the Benzer Specialty Patient Management Program. In addition, she has 4 years experience in training new Pharmacy Technicians and has worked in retail, mail order, warehouse, and compounding pharmacy. Brianna is currently studying mass communications and business management at Florida Southern College.


Shuchi Lakhan

Director of Clinical Services

Shuchi Lakhan is our Specialty Division Manager. She is a nationally certified Pharmacy Technician with over 10 years of experience in a variety of specialties as well as almost 15 years of retail pharmacy experience. She has earned her Bachelor’s Degree from University of South Florida and her Master’s Degree from University of Central Florida.

Her role includes training and managing the Central Authorization Department team members to be well rounded and educated in a multitude of fields of Specialty, including but not limited to Hepatitis C, HIV, Oncology, Dermatology and Rheumatology. She is currently developing our new Hemophilia program, as well as acquiring access to a wide variety of limited or restricted access medications. She is passionate about patient care and driven to succeed in diminishing the ever-widening gap of accessibility and affordability to specialty medications for patients.

Shuchi Lakhan


Aresaneuse Halaka

Aresaneuse Halaka

Director of Health System Solutions

Aresaneuse Halaka is a Florida Licensed Consultant Pharmacist with Benzer Pharmacy serving as the Director of Health System Solutions. He has several years of experience in the retail and compounding pharmacy realm. He is primarily responsible for establishing and enhancing health system relations in the community while implementing Benzer's Bedside Delivery Program. He is also assisting in all 340B activity in regards to communication and negotiation.

Komal Patel

340B Director

Komal is a nationally certified Pharmacy Technician with over 9 years of experience in retail, specialty, hospital. She has worked in the 340B division conducting financial analysis, contracting, operation, compliance, and auditing for over 2 years. She has earned her Bachelor’s in Pharmacy from India and recently graduated with a Master’s degree in Health Informatics from the University of Illinois, Chicago.

Komal supervises the 340B program and its integrity by delivering training, optimization and workflow enhancements to the Pharmacy. She provides direction to the planning, implementation, and evaluation of all components of the 340B program.

Komal Patel


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